From T-Mobile comes the Sensation, another Android smart phone its customers. Through the Android App Market, users are able to directly download multiple apps to enhance their mobile experience. Through the app market you will also find that there are many great music applications that will help you enjoy all of your favorite tracks. The top music applications that are available for the HTC Sensation which include Shazam, Pandora, Rhapsody, doubleTwist and StreamFurious. With these great apps, the only other way to maximize the phone's potential is with some HTC accessories.

Pandora is a free music application that has been universally downloaded by many people over the Android application marketplace. This application is the mobile version of the radio internet service and can be obtained for free. Pandora allows anyone to create personal radio stations based on the music artists and songs that they like. To create a customized radio station, you must create an account on Pandora's website. After the account has been created, enter all of your favorite musical artists and songs. Just log-in to the newly created account on the HTC Sensation, and the personalized radio station will now be available on the go. Pandora uses what it calls the Music Genome Project to find similarities in the user's favorite songs to play songs that they believe the user will like. Just make sure that you have some of the HTC Sensation accessories like a case on your phone, so it does not break if it dropped while you are dancing to all of the great music.

Shazam is another free music application that is available on the Android market. Shazam is a very basic application, but is a must-have for any music lover. If you ever come across a song on the radio that you like and you don't know the artist and name, then Shazam is the ideal application. With the simple push of a button, Shazam will analyze the song and then come up with all of the detailed information regarding that particular song. After the song is easily identified, Shazam provides you the option to instantly download the song to your phone. This program also makes it very easy to share these songs with friends and family over any social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Rhapsody is another great free music app for the HTC Sensation. Even though you are able to download the application for free, in order for the program to work you will first need to pay the monthly subscription fee. A Rhapsody subscription will set you about $9.99 a month, but a free trial is available when you download the Rhapsody application. Users gain access to over 9 million songs from every type of genre out there. If you already spend more than $10 monthly downloading music from other services, then you might want to check out this program.

DoubleTwist is an additional great music application that can be downloaded for $.99. There are many smart phone users out there who use iTunes but cannot transfer their music to their mobile device. This feature can now work with the doubleTwist application. The application is very basic and easy to use, but may take time to transfer the music depending on the number of songs inside the iTunes library.

StreamFurious is the last great music app available for the HTC Sensation. StreamFurious will play the MP3 stored on the phone while running in the background. This will dramatically save your battery and lower your need for a charger. It is very important to keep in mind that cell phone accessories are what help us get the most out of our mobile phones.

Samsung's latest phone, the HTC Evo View 4G, just released not that long ago in the United State. Although it was technically created by Samsung, and there is no small resemblance to this smart phone such as the Mesmerize, Captivate, and Fascinate, it is actually more a Google smart phone if anything. That means it runs off Android. This means that there is a large network with many different available applications for this mobile phone.

In order to be able to get the most out of your mobile phone is to know what it can and can't do. For starters, the HTC Evo View 4G operated with a touch screen, so the applications you'll be using will be ran with your fingers, although you can also select a digital keyboard on the screen when you need to type things in.

It boasts a 4-inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution, which, while not as good as screens for smart phones get, is pretty decent. This super AMOLED screen is designed by Samsung, which basically means it should be brighter than the average screen, everything will still depend on what your eyes see. This is why cell phone accessories like a screen protector will help keep your screen in tip-top shape throughout daily use.

Now that you are somewhat aware of the hardware that runs the HTC Evo View 4G, now let us discuss the software. Any kind of app you find for the HTC Evo View 4G will run on Android, because the Android smart operating system is what powers the HTC Evo View 4G. The latest version, and it features the latest version of Android. It basically enables you to do a lot of things in the least amount of time possible. And with this smart phone users can also download some of the many different health and fitness programs that are available.

Pedometer is the first application that should be downloaded if you are looking to get into shape. This application uses the GPS features of the phone to track how many miles you have ran or walked. Alternatively, you can also download an application on the phone that will count your calories when you're on the go, or another application that can help you keep track of the calories you take in can also be beneficial.

No matter what applications you choose you should still take a look at some of the different HTC accessories and Samsung accessories that are available. For example, it is pretty easy to pick up a case, and this is a simple way to keep your phone from being dented or dinged if you happen to drop it during a health and fitness workout or a simple moment of clumsiness during the day.